You must ask these pre-marriage questions before choosing a life partner


This has always been a matter of confusion that what you need to talk about before you get married. You need to explore certain things before you walk down the aisle. As you want to build your relationship to last a lifetime don’t hesitate to start off on the right foot.

Before marriage there are many questions to ask that will help you decide your future relationship with your partner. So, if you ask the right kind of questions before getting married then it can lead to a positive relationship and finally a happy marriage life. After going through the whole process of falling in love many people feel that’s enough to sustain their relationship throughout the’s about much more than‘Love’ which is an essential factor in a relationship.

Here are some helpful pre-marriage questions that you can ask your partner before marriage.The answers can help solidify your bond together or raise some red flags.

  1. What is your expectation from marriage?

It’s always best to discuss what your future partner looks forward in the marriage. Despite a little bit anxiety most of us have positive expectations about marriage. Discuss what you expect of each other to have a stable and happy relationship as Our belief systems and upbringing impact our expectations.

  1. How do you handle the change and the unexpected?

Something a lot of people don’t realize going into marriage is how planned out they have their life. But it can take a toll on the relationship When something happens that interrupts that plan. So, it’s better to discuss these things before marriage.

  1. What kind of support you expect from spouse at home?

If you expect your man to do household chores or the wife to cook and care for parents then discuss it with them that how much do you expect. Discuss how you’ll handle it when one of you neglects to complete a task that’s assigned to you. It is better to clear these things before marriage.

  1. What kind of participation do you expect in terms of spirituality?

Going to a place of worship regularly or following a path to spiritually is acceptable in but as some people may have different opinion so, it should be clear out to your would-be wife before marriage.

  1. What are your financial goals and how can we try to reach them?

You need to talk about money because it is one of the sources of relationship stress between couples. So, before marriage Asking about financial goals is a lot more positive thing for building a successful marriage life.

  1. How much do you value time together, versus time apart? 

It can happen in a married life that a person needs a lot of me-time and the other person expect to do everything together as a married unit. you’re spending a ton of time together when you are dating but a lot of people find that they miss their independence once settled into a married routine. So, try to discuss it with your life partner before marriage.

  1. Creer priorities and partner support:

To pursue a degree post marriage, or do research work in abroad for some time is common nowadays but still you need to tell your life partner about your dreams before marriage because your partner’s support is crucial during that period.

  1. Do you want kids or what will happen if we are not able to have biological kids?

It may not sound like a priority right now, but its still important chatting about expectations of starting a family so that there will be no room for surprises later on. If one person says ‘100 percent I want kids,’ and the other says ‘I 100 percent don’t,’ that’s probably going to be a no-go moving forward. You must discuss before marriage about how you will deal with the fertility issues or with a miscarriage or about your feelings on in vitro fertilization, or adopting a child. This agreement will help build the bond between you two.

  1. What kind of current activities you’d like to continue doing after marriage?

Some things are best discussed at the start like passion such as singing, dance or art for which you need dedicated hours every week or being part of the cricket team, trekking club or community time with an NGO. You must share it with your life partner first before starting a new life with him/her.

  1. How do you deal with your in laws?

Last but not the least it is the most important question for choosing a perfect life partner. You must choose the person who will respect your parents and take care of them as you do. So, before marriage you must discuss with them regarding this matter.

If you want to enjoy a successful marriage life and want to make this relationship work in the long term then consider these questions before marriage. This will surely help you.

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