What are the scary things those come to the mind before tying the knot?

But there is nothing wrong to get married. It is one of the most tremendous transition we endure as humans. The old identity of being single needs to be shed for the new person to take root in healthy soil.
It is obvious to fear marriage as it is an important decision that will affect the whole life. Thinking about the decision and the person chosen by your family or your friend or from any matrimonial sites will help you to overcome these fears and assure you that it is the right time, right person and the right place to get married.

Nowadays most of the aspirants look for good matrimonial websites to look for the perfect partner. In the kamma community, kamma matrimony sites, which is a Telugu kamma marriage bureau leading in the market of matrimony sites because of its genuine and trustworthy profiles of kamma brides and kamma grooms. We take care of every fear and confusion occurring in the minds of kamma brides and kamma grooms and clarify the doubts so that the kamma matches can live their every moment of this wonderful journey of getting married.

According to us, kamma matrimony sites, we analyzed some of the fears, expectations, confusions of kamma brides and kamma grooms and finally concluded some point those scary things those come to the mind before tying the knot and how to overcome that.

    If you are scared of fully committing to someone, you need to be honest with yourself first. Think that what you really want. Have a simple discussion with your partner regarding this, where you can understand each other and your commitment to a marriage together.
    Marriage comes with thousands of new responsibilities and those responsibilities bring the fear of justifying it and carrying it. A kaama bride when steps in the house of kamma grooms, from the very next day she has to look after every single responsibilities and task to be the perfect idol of wife and daughter-in-law.
    New people, new relations surrounds you. Anyone or any talk can hurt you. Although no one intentionally hurting your feelings, it might happen. So, a kamma bride always has patience on those occasions and the kamma groom should take care that she would not be getting hurt from anyone.
    Deciding if the person is the “right one” has much to do with how high of esteem you hold them in. Although the person has chosen by your family or from matrimonial sites like kamma matrimony sites, still you have some confusions that are this person is the “one” for whom you were waiting so long.
    It is obvious that you both (kamma bride and kamma grooms) have a different view regarding life because you both are different individuals. There may be a difference of lifestyle, dressing senses, food choices, they can differ. But you should keep in mind that you have to adjust so that the arguments regarding these silly things can be reduced. You have to accept that you both will endure some changes because of the comfortability of another person.
    You already decided your pivotal points regarding your goal of life. You might programme previously that you would do this thing or that at a certain age or stage in life like marriage, a carrier, having kids etc. you may feel tense of how your life and time could mingle with another person’s expectations. It is not necessary that your previous programmes remain strict, you need to flexible it according to you and your partner.
    If you are constantly worrying about what the other person is thinking about you, you can’t concentrate on the positive things about the other person. No one wants to hear the gossipy crap, but at those moments look to your partner and believe him and think that do he loves you for what you are. Then you feel comfortable.
    Yes, it’s a natural thing that adjusting in a new, completely new environment makes every girl feel stressed with the thought of how the family will be, how they will behave, whether they will accept her or not, how they will treat her, so many questions take birth in her mind. you are entering a new house with new relationships, those are now more important to you than your own. These ideas already scared you, but you shouldn’t scare of them. Give your full potential and make them your own. The kamma groom should help kamma bride in these regards, share their difficulties and concerns. Believe yourself and don’t be afraid because they got you.
  9. FEAR OF losing YOURSELF
    We’re a generation captivated with our attempts at “finding” ourselves. With every passing day, both kamma brides and kamma grooms are becoming more and more aware of the fact that “we live alone, and we die alone. Everything other than we are just an illusion.” Then why we’ve so internalized it instead of investing ourselves in building long-lasting ties, we should focus entirely on ourselves and on having experiences for and by ourselves.
    Now as human beings become increasingly obsessed with the ‘I’ term and family ties are being strained more than ever as well as constantly scared of losing the independence we’ve treasured for most of our adult lives.
    Make sure the kamma matches know each other — the good things and the bad things. It is common to neglect the less positive qualities of a partner like anger, jealousy, or selfishness, or a requirement to feel free or powerful. But these aspects are parts of who you and/or your partner actually are. Make efforts continuously to explore, discuss, and be open to learning about the “shadow” side of you and your partner.
    • As soon as you learn about these qualities, trust can be developed between you twos. It is not on the idea that you will never hurt each other (because, unknowingly or unfortunately, that will happen), but it settles down because of the understanding of who you and your partner.
    • Instead of keeping your “shadow” side always at the wall, try that you will be aware of and express when you are hurt. try to work together to solve the situation and use it to strengthen your relationship.
    In this generation divorce rates are shooting up, that’s why a few kamma brides and kamma grooms are losing their faith in the concept of happily-ever-after.
    Marriages are not idealized always. You both should handle it cautiously and seriously. Both partners believe one another. And it is the responsibility of both the partners that one shouldn’t break the trust of another. It is the trust, that helps you both to live this marriage life happily and wonderfully.
    Your fear may prevent you from wanting to talk with your partner. You need to open those channels of communication between you two, however.
    • If you are now also scared of losing your individuality or changing, remember yourself that everyone is changing, constantly. Change is the only permanent thing. Staying unmarried for life will not keep the earth from spinning. Also, it’s not like that after marriage you lose all agency.
    • If you are afraid about thinking about being divorced eventually, think about the blemish attached to divorce. Even if you are still thinking so, remember that your future is never determined by marriage or divorce statistics, and you can hold your relationship on to a marriage if you put work into it.
    Talk to your parents about your fears. They able to tell you the consequences and how to overcome from those scary things. They should provide you with some tips for overcoming the fear of marriage that they have realized over the years. It will also give you a real-life example of people for whom marriage has worked for years.

Might be a marriage a scary prospect, don’t we all want someone, who is all our own? There is a certain level of comfort in knowing that at the end of a long, shitty day, when nothing works out well, you can go to your home to the reassuring presence of your forever person, your perfect partner with whom you can share everything without thinking for one second.

Marriage does not obstruct to get in the way of your career, or in the path of self-discovery. Instead, it might happen that your soul-searching exercise just is more fulfilling when you’re in it with someone else, your soulmate. There is certain security, stability, and beauty in a marriage that no other relationship can provide.
You can find yourself through that person. You can grow up and overcome the difficulties of life with the love of your life.

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