What are the important aspects a woman of 21st century looks for her life partner?

Now women are stepping out of their historical role of only mother and housewives to obtain a higher quality of living and be in a better position in her carrier. They have much different lifestyle with many different choices.
A woman is the second half of a whole question, and the whole world is now able to see them during this 21st century. They are so amazing due to their capability to evolve and adapt perfectly with ever changing the environment on a constant basis. A woman of 21st century accepts many more challenges and changes than historical women of past centuries. These technological, medical changes encourage every woman to be more flexible and versatile. They are now overcoming more demanding and difficult responsibilities than ever before. The main reason for its wonderful qualities is she is amazing.!
We, kamma matrimony sites, which is a Telugu kamma marriage bureau always prioritize the demands and perspective of kamma brides and kamma grooms. We know what the expectations are of a 21st-century kamma bride and do efforts to fulfill all her dreams in her kaama groom. Here we try to represent the qualities of a 21st-century kamma bride and their aspects to look for their life partner.

  1. She is now independent and makes her own money. A man can’t impress her by showing off his money. She is attracted by the character and substance of a man. You can see many profiles of kamma brides who are well educated and established in a higher position.
  2. She is now bold and fearless, also not afraid to express her feelings. In the meeting of kamma bride and kamma groom through kamma matrimony sites, if she is interested, you can notice her. If she likes you, she will tell you directly and if she wants to see you, she will let you know or even ask to meet you. She will not just sit and wait for a man to find her.
  3. She is powerful and confident enough. She has her own mindset and is open-minded. So, if you have any type of doubt in your mind, you can let her know.
  4. As a man, you should treat her like an equal, not as one above her. She never likes to be put down or be looked down upon. Now She is so confident that she doesn’t afraid to put a man in his rightful place if he is puffed up with pride and has a big head. So, kamma grooms should be cautious in their behaviour towards kamma brides in meetings.
  5. For her, her time is very much precious. Now she is supporting her parents, working. She can do multi-tasks simultaneously; like a superwoman. So, as a kamma groom, if you want her attention, you better be serious.
  6. In any case, if a kamma bride cancels on a date with you, it is not meaning that she is avoiding you, but because she has to do many things and also she has to manage those. She wants you to respect her time also. So, don’t misunderstand her.
  7. If in the meeting through kamma matrimony sites, the conversation between the kamma bride and kamma groom seems like not working well, she can tell it to you directly.
  8. To please her, no need to do anything extravagant. It’s just the little things that touch her heart. So, treat her with respect, always being loyal to her, giving her your precious time, figure her needs, these simple things touching her properly.
  9. She is well educated and exposed the world by her knowledge. To stimulate her mind, impress her with your depth knowledge. She finds a wise and intelligent man very interesting.
  10. She can see a man’s potential. She comes into the life of a man and builds him in a better way. She acts as a force, just like a one-woman army.
  11. She speaks out according to her mind. If you hurt, her or if you do anything wrong; she will let you know later. You can’t make her silence.
  12. In this world of technology, a world of Skype, WhatsApp; she still desires the old-fashioned love, the pure love of a man.
  13. She gets into a relationship, not because she is incomplete without a man, but because the man offers something that she can’t have on her own: companionship. She gets in the relationship, to give love and receive love.
  14. in many cases, in the meeting the kamma grooms can be observed that the kamma bride is very much doubtful. Find out the reason behind this. Her heart may be broken in the past and so she can be defensive and doubtful at first. She is forward, but cautious. When she loves, she loves with her full heart.
  15. Even when any kamma bride chooses you to become her man, be prepared because other men may still notice her because she is brilliant, successful, smart, cultured, well-dressed. But never be insecure, she has chosen you and she always keep her words.
  16. She is not dumb, you can’t fool her. ultimately, she’ll know the truth. If you mess up the relationship and her trust, she is not afraid to leave you. She clearly knows her worth.
  17. Just because you propose to her doesn’t guarantee that you will marry her. Never take her for granted. If you start giving her any nonsense, she can call off the wedding. She can take care of herself.
  18. Marriage is not all that she is living for like historical women. So, never expect her to kill her dreams or compromise her carrier just because she is your wife. She can be a good wife and mother as well because she builds her personal self. So, support her, not let her dreams be killed.
  19. After marriage also, every kamma grooms should remember that you did not buy her. Now she is not your property, even she is the woman who blessed you by being your wife.
  20. She has no problem with submitting herself to her husband, but he has to be an admirable person and worthy of submission. Submission doesn’t mean she is inferior to him, it just means she is respecting you and your feeling.
  21. She wants that her voice must be heard. In the marriage, she expects decisions should be taken together as a team. She must be involved. The house will not be home if she is disrespected and not give value to her words.
  22. She will not get pregnant just because the husband demands it. She will get pregnant when she and her husband plan to. They talk about all factors. She is in control of her womb and decisions of her body.
  23. She acts as a great manager; managing her husband, her children, the finances and future of her family simultaneously. She just shines even outside the home in her career life. She is the “the one” that makes her hubby proud.
  24. Man, as her husband, if you cheat on her or if you try to destroy her; she has courage enough to divorce you and leave you. She doesn’t want your any help to live her life. She never destroys her entire life behind an irresponsible man who broke his marital vows. You are not doing any favour by loving her. She does not sit like the unhappy married women of historical times, who suffered all their life in silence.
  25. As most of the guys expect that their better half will move with them to another city if required. These days, she also expects the same from you.
  26. She cries, she also hurts; even though she publicly displays a smile always. She is not that much hardcore. She is a woman, a gentle fragile soul, who want genuine love. To touch her soul, show her care, understand her deeply and, give her warmth in this world that can be so cold.
  27. She takes her own decisions. She is not get married because her peers are doing so or because society is scaring her about her age. She does things when she feels to do so for herself, it’s her choice only. Sometimes she can be stubborn or even complicated. But when she is in love with you, it is her choice, her heart is fully yours no matter what anyone says.

  28. On this 21st century, the modern women are focusing on themselves and their own lives more than historical women ever have. Their goals and opportunities are more abundant for women and the modern woman is taking advantage of them in a positive and healthy way. So, every kamma groom should take care of these points and make the kamma bride feel like the princess of your heart.

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