What are the health benefits of strong relationship?

It can reduce our stress level and have been linked to our overall improved health. But relationships are challenging also. Sometimes it is exhausting and sometimes it gives the overall satisfaction.
Relationships – whether that is social or intimate – make the individual happier and contribute to joy in their lives. They constitute a major part of wellbeing.

Kamma matrimony, which is a Telugu kamma marriage bureau researched on a number of kamma brides, kamma grooms, and their relationships. In those researches, it is found that the kamma brides and kamma grooms, who are leading a poor relationship are more likely to suffer from depression, loneliness, which is powerful enough to weaken the immune system. That’s why we demonstrate you here the health benefits of having a healthy and strong relationship.

When the kamma brides and kamma grooms are in a constant state of conflict, it is affected by their health and wellbeing. Their blood pressure level rises, and they suffer emotionally. That conflicts between the kamma matches affect their bodies. There is an internal link between physical and mental health and relationship. As your status of relationship deteriorates, it will affect your physical and mental health also
Thus, many factors affect the health of the kamma matches, whether it’s the behaviours they exhibit toward each other or the habits that they pass on to each other.

That’s why here we, kamma matrimony discussed some vital points and try to make you both (kamma groom and kamma bride) understand how dissatisfaction or unhealthy relationship directly or indirectly affects our bodies.
1) Having less stress:
Being in a committed and intimate relationship is connected to less production of cortisol, which is released in response to stress, a stress hormone. This suggests that married or committed couple are less affected by psychological stress because they can get social and emotional support from their partner, which can act as a strong buffer against the stress. That’s why the kamma matrimony who are living in a successful relationship are happier than those who don’t.

2) Better healing power:
In several studies, it was shown that having a partner to help take your pain off. Married people who have undergone heart surgery are three times more likely to survive the first three months after surgery than those people who are leading a single life. Married kamma brides and kamma grooms are feeling more confident about the capability to handle post-surgery pain and less worried about the surgery. From this, we can understand how a little support can go a long way towards helping a person recover from illness.

3) Healthy behavior:
Healthy relationship encourages to lead a healthy lifestyle. If your spouse, your friends, and surrounding people ask you to build healthy habits, you are likely to follow their instructions. It is a lot easier to make healthy behaviors when you surrounded by people who have the same habits.

4) Greater sense of purpose:
It is natural for a human being to feel needed and feel like they are a major part of something bigger. Many individuals want to do something good for their spouse and improve their relationship. Sometimes they also want to do something that will be beneficial for the world. Because being in a loving relationship, it gives them mental satisfaction so that they can see a new and beautiful world and try to do better. The sense of love provides them a purpose of leading a healthy life. It is possible that these healthy habits can actually add years to their life.

5) Longer life:
Several researches proved that healthy social and intimate relationships make a bigger impact on avoiding early death than taking blood pressure medication or being exposed to air pollution, that helps to add more years to their lives. Another study shows that an individual having a lack of relationship can smoke 15 cigarettes per day, which affects their health very badly.

6) Weight gain:
A happy kamma bride and kamma groom can motivate each other to stay healthy- they’ll go to the gym together, set goals and feel responsible for each other. If any person fails to maintain that, another person motivates him/her, which helps them to stay stable. But dissatisfaction in a relationship can lead the kamma bride or kamma grooms to passive-aggressive eating behaviors and sleep problems, which will lead to vigorously weight gain.

7) Stress level:
In one study, it was found that intimacy and satisfaction in the relationship can reduce the stress level and increases well-being. They feel more overall satisfaction from their lives. The behavior of your partner, a little concern, care, love can just reduce the stress level as compared to any medicine. But it can act in reverse direction also if the misunderstanding between the kamma matches increases.

8) Sleep problems:
Sleeping next to someone you love deeply, and trust can enable you to feel relax and embrace sleep. But it can be opposite if your partner keeps you up at night because of snoring or by tossing or turning. If any partner, whether that is kamma grooms or kamma bride suffers from insomnia, the intimacy and mental satisfaction can better help them rather than the medicine. But relationship insecurity or conflict is associated with poor sleep or it can also happen that poor sleep can exacerbate relationship problems.

9) Fee- good hormones in the body:
In a study held in 2004 on several couples and it was found that both men, as well as women, had higher blood levels of oxytocin, which is a stress reliever and helps to improve the mood of an individual. Also found that a simple hug can decrease the blood pressure level and stress hormone cortisol. A simple touch on the arm, holding hands or rub in the shoulder, all these types of caring behavior are so important. It takes only a few seconds to excites the hormones those are helpful in reducing stress and anxiety.

10) Anxiety:
Repeatedly anxiety is re-experiencing failure in advance. It harms our body and mind when we are unsure how to stop the worry cycle and feel good. It is beyond our control even though we feel that our anxiety is becoming more intense than the situation requires. It can hamper various aspects of our life like in work, relationships etc. so, adopt a more positive attitude towards your relationship, which can only save you from all these issues of anxiety.

11) Depression:
Like anxiety, depression also plays a crucial role in the relationship. A bad relationship can affect depression in more complex ways. Some studies found that long term relationships and satisfying marriage between kamma bride and kamma groom can ease the symptoms in people suffered from depression. In another study, kamma brides having more personal and family history of depression were six times more to be clinically depressed if their kamma grooms had been unfaithful or if their marriages were breaking.

12) Usage of alcohol:

It was showed that happy couples, who had a history of having plenty of alcohol, they reduce their intake. Because they feel very cautious about their health and want to build healthy habits. In one study including kamma matches, it was found that during the first four years of marriage, the drinking habit of people’s tended to minor because of their spouses.
But it is also true that if the relationship is facing more problems, then this lack of understanding can drive the people to drink vigorously. And this drinking habit also acts as a fuel to destruct their relationship.

13) Blood pressure:
Diet, exercise habits, and stress level of a person, all these things have a great impact on blood pressure. So, it is not surprising how the relationship status can affect the blood pressure level.
In a research, it is found that happy kamma couples tended to have lower blood pressure than those people who are single throughout their lives. But it is also found that people who are unhappily married have higher blood pressure levels than a single one.
Being remain in an unhealthy relationship can cause your body to release more stress hormones and tend to beat your heart beat at a faster rate. These factors can push blood pressure up over time.

14) Cancer prevention:
In several investigations, it is noted that happy marriages have improved survival rates in people having cancer, including prostate, lung and colon cancer. In another study including 3.8 billion cancer patients, 58% of married couples lived for 10 years after post- diagnosis as compared to 52% of people who were never married, 46% of divorces and 41% of widows and the spouse who were separated from their spouse have lowest surviving rate, with only 37% in 10 years. The loneliness and stress of going through bad relationship may have a negative impact on their immunity of the body.

Everyone in this universe is unique and has their own requirements and priorities when it comes to maintaining relationships, handling stress level and living a healthy lifestyle. From many researches it was found that couples having close relationships have noticeable health benefits to the mental as well as physical health.

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