Vara Puja Process

Wedding Mandap:
The Wedding mandap would be decorated with strings of mango leaves and flowers to please the couple. It would be emitting fragrance as the mandap would be applied traditional scents. In the wedding groom is considered as the Lord Maha Vishnu and bride as deity Lakshmi Devi. The groom would be brought on to the Mandap where he is made to sit on a wooden shelf that is placed on rice grains (considered as goddess Lakshmi) in Sukhasana. Sandal would be applied to his hand and “Panneeru” would be sprayed. Groom would be tied “Bhasikamu” (a locket with a twig of turmeric, rice grains, and a small golden sheat) on his forehead.

It is a locket tied to the foreheads of bride and groom that contains a twig of turmeric, rice grains and a small plate of gold. Tying such locket is auspicious and had a great science associated with that.
In Yoga, the left nasal cavity is called “Chandra Nadi” (The moon passage) or “Ida Nadi” and the right nasal cavity is known is “Suryanadi” (The sun passage) or “Pingala Nadi”. Ida is cooling and Pingala is heating. The breath flow in the right nostril corresponds to pingala or surya nadi, representing the vital force, and the left nostril corresponds to ida or chandra nadi, representing the mental force.
Sushamna Nadi is the pranic channel between the Ida and Pingala which goes up from the bottom of the spine. This is the main energy channel in Yoga, in the centre of the spinal cord through which Kundalini Shakti flows. The fusion point of all the three nadis is called as “Bhrumadhya”, which is the space between the eyebrows. It is the energy centre in the subtle body (chakra) associated in the physical body with the forehead. Saints call it “Divya-Chakshu” which means the third-eye or invisible eye. In order to prevent the outflow of energy from such a focal point this “Bhasikamu” is tied to the forehead for the reason bride and groom are treated as deities.
Why do women adorn their noses with gold studs? It is with an objective that the air inhaled inside should be pure, sacred, and clean. They expect the mind to be composed and pleasant. An unmarried male is compared to a horse with no moderation. A marriage is a great tool to control and moderate such mind. Only with marriage a couple can enjoy love, affection, relation, fondness, care, and attachment. These cannot be expected in the absence of a marriage. For the same reason a man who is getting married is treated equal to god.
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