Thalambaralu – Traditional Kamma Marriage secrets

In the marriage process “Thalambaralu” (sacred rice mixed with saffron & turmeric) is equally significant, in which the groom would first pour on brides head wishing family’s progress and development, and aspiring wise & intelligent children.

Accepting the groom’s intention, bride would bow her head and shower thalambaralu on groom’s head requesting required resources for bringing up the children in the form of bumper crops and cattle. In return, bride groom discharges sacred rice wishing to give enough ability to his better half for managing the monetary resources judiciously. In continuance, both the partners would cause to flow ‘thalambaralu’ yearning and aspiring to live in connivance and support, with sacrifice, affection, prosperity, and good health. This particular act would make the ambience lively engrossing the guests glancing with a smile.
Indian rich culture has bestowed the generations with various acts and activities, each one of which supported by a scientific logic, enabling the civilians to achieve conventional and reasonable growth in their lives and families. This system was a result of years of efforts by saints and sages with boundless intellectual wisdom. Though the strong institution in Indian society, the system of marriage, has been subjected to certain changes over the decades, we need to understand the essence of the same and strive to protect and pass on to the future generations. Vedas consider every newlywed couple as divine beings.
The inherent meaning of a marriage, irrespective of the region in India, is same. The objective is to enable the growth of understanding and warmth, and convert marriage into an undisputable bond that cannot be separated, thus facilitating the couple to create happiness in their lives and shouldering responsibilities sensibly leading to their execution. Indian institution of marriage is a robust structure provided by scholarly men and sages in order to gift a lovely system of life to their children.
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