How Technology & Social Media are Transforming Marriages into Hi-Tech Weddings

Good Old Days
In the good old days when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits, post cards and envelops were used to communicate and telegrams were the norm for urgent messaging, weddings were an emotional bond, wherein the entire family including the extended family used to get together and work closely sharing laughter and managing their own chores.
The entire neighbourhood would come uninvited and help the family in carrying out the odd works in preparation for the wedding. The entire village would turn up to participate in the marriage.

N.T. Rama Rao Wedding Card
The love, compassion, care, support from everybody was pure and selfless. The entire extended family would sit together on the floor and eat the food laid down on leaves. The folk songs, traditional dances were all part and parcel of marriages in the old days. The respect for each other is something seen to be believed. The past generation who have seen such wedding will vouch for it.

Served on Leaved during Weddings
The Modern Days
Over the years, times have changed, changed big time. Though the hugs, and smiles get togetherness happen all the time but the warmth of the good old days are sure missed. Today, right from the wedding cards, to receptions, dinners, video shoots have gone hi-tech.

Junior NTR Wedding Card
E-Wedding Cards
In the good old golden days, families would personally visit the relative and friends and deliver the wedding cards, now in the modern days; it is the e-wedding cards, usually PDF, JPEG images posted on Whatsapp, Social Media Platforms and Emailed.

A Sample E-Wedding Card

The 5 Star Wedding Dinners
The dinners is not served on the leaves, now it is usually a seven star spread hosted in a lavish banquets.
5 Star Wedding Dinners
Social Media
The social media interaction, communication and engagement particularly among the young generation have grown by leaps and bounds. Facebook and Instagram have been the hot favourites. In recent times we have seen people getting married after meeting on social media platforms.
Social Media platforms are also extensively used to send e-wedding cards to friends, share wedding dresses and jewellery to take friends feedbacks. And pictures and videos every single event such as engagement, mehendi, sangeet are posted on social media so that friends living in faraway places could see them.
360 Degree Live Streaming
Social Media giant Facebook and YouTube is offering 360 degree live streaming wherein guest who couldn’t attend the wedding can see all the happening in real time from any part of the world.
Drone Cameras
Drone cameras in modern wedding has become a norm, wherein taking pictures from vantage points to get a bird’s eye is the most sought after technology in weddings today.

A Drone Camera View of a Wedding
Event Management Companies
Most of the high end weddings are outsourced to event management companies who offer end-to-end turn-key services including but not limited to, designing invitation cards, hotel bookings, decorations, music, and catering and managing the entire wedding and reception processes.
This allows the families to focus more on their internal things selection of dresses, jewellery meeting families, and carry out rituals and send invites to all.
Bottom Line
Over the years, weddings have undergone a paradigm shift, from simple, humble, normal marriages to hi-tech weddings. The internet, social media, live streaming and hi-tech gadgets all have played a significant role in this transformation.
Though it has its own charm surrounding such weddings, wherein high costs are involved, but the past generation gone by, our grandparents’ generation, are still in awe with the love, passion, compassion, humility shown in good old days’ marriages. Perhaps with time, people have changed, but walking down the memory lane, people who have seen marriages in the part turn nostalgic with moist eyes.

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