Subhamastu – Matrimony Service Exclusive For Kamma’s Around The World

Subhamastu is one of the most established and well known matrimony. “Kamma community is the part of subhamastu that acts as platform to unite people of same community. Kamma’s are one of the most populated communities in southern part of India. They are wide spread in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. They are also known as Naidu’s. Most of the kamma’s own huge amount of land they are into cultivation, later stages Kamma Nayaks formed the bulwark of the Vijayanagara army and were appointed as governors in many areas of Tamil Nadu. They played important and responsible roles in Vijayanagara period and led to the development of the society. During the Golkonda period, the Sayapaneni Nayaks ruled Dupadu region as vassals of the Golkonda sultans.
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