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In the course of world’s evolution, history has a very prominent role as studying and understanding it defines the future. However, as the famous author Dan Brown quoted, historyis always written by the winners and in the process of evolution the winners are never stagnant and changed with every era. When the winners changed every time the existing history was obliterated and new history is created with an objective to elevate their own cause and denigrate others.

When we try to understand the history of prime castes in Southern part of India, what we could derive is unlike its counterparts akin to Reddys and Velamas, Kammas didn’t put required effort in chronicling and preserving its history, as well passing the same to its future generations. Zamindari clans of Velamas have got their history penned during British regime and this book had made a valuable contribution to the history of Andhra Pradesh, as well to South India. Correspondingly, Sir C.R.Reddy (Kattamanchi Ramalinga Reddy), who was curious to know the roots of his caste, Reddys, approached the eminent historian of his time Shri Mallampalli Somasekhara Sharama to conduct research and script a book on Reddys. Shri Sharma with utmost devotion organized painstaking research and came out with a book “Reddys Kingdom” after a thorough exploration. Similar kind of efforts cannot be seen in the case of Kammas for the reasons unknown.
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Historic Proverbs on Kammas – Their significance!!

Historic Proverbs on Kammas – Their significance!!

“కమ్మవాడి చేతులు కట్టినా నిలవడు”
“కమ్మవారికి భూమి భయపడుతుంది”
“ఎక్కడ నీరు ఉంటుందో అక్కడ కమ్మవారు ఉంటారు”
“నీటికి నాట్యం నేర్పినవారు కమ్మవారు”

These are some of the proverbs historically being used in the course of Kamma community’s evolution and progression. This article explores the essence behind the emergence of such proverbs and importance of their sustenance over ages.
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