“Sumuhurat is the time when bride and groom exchange their looks for the first time”.

Science behind ‘Sumuhurtham’
‘Sumuhurat’ is an auspicious time decided by divine scholars. A couple’s nuptial life would progress successfully approved and accepted by the universe. A time when the divine power flows from 9 planets is of 2 minutes 48 seconds duration, which is named as ‘waiting’ (Neerikshina). God is running this world through time cycle. Based on the time when people meet and exchange looks, relations would be established between or among individuals depending upon the looks they swap.

Such glances or glimpses lay a foundation for relationships between individuals and create proximity. As per Anga Shastra, eyes would reflect what mind thinks.
For instance there are different kinds of looks. In Toto it is said that the count may go up to 127 varieties of looks that encompass lustful, jealous, crude, skewed, flirting, compassionate, warm, fond, affectionate, friendly, et al. The eyes of women are said to be powerful and no one can directly look into their eyes while speaking as they 132 times power in their eyes.
In the marriage process the elders would play a catalyst role and set the glances and looks right in such a way certain feelings are developed between the couple that may comprise affection, love, kinship, care, etc. In the process they would offer a sweet item made from a mix of yoghurt, jiggery and honey. To prevent the ‘Disthi Dosham’ a spot would be adorned on the cheek of the groom. By the time when the couple exchange looks for the first time, ‘Sumuhurat’ is decided and the looks swapped on such occasion would be promising, lucky, fortunate and propitious.
Curtain, Cumin Seeds-Jaggery:‘Sumuhurat’ is such a time which would be free from 21 types of vices and evil signs. On the dias a cloth would be used as a curtain between the bride and groom. This cloth piece on side would have symbol of Lord Ganesha and on the other side symbol of ‘Swastik’. As the wedding bands ring and sound, scholars reading out the hymns and mantras, a mix of Cumin seeds, Jaggery, and Turmeric would be placed on brides head by the groom, which would eliminate many vices that exist in eyes and emotions thus making life more cheerful for the new couple.
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