Should ‘Kammas’ of this generation work on their natural ‘Manufacturing Defect?’

Not even 5% of total population of both Telugu speaking states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Kamma community is a topic of discussion on any given day both domestically and globally. Scholars from global major universities opting ‘Kammas’ as their research topic shows how our community is generating interest in various societies. Now the question is why? Every article or every community meeting or every garden party has this kind of analysis. Though we are small, percentage wise or in absolute numbers, our progenitors have gifted us a natural leadership on society, which the subsequent generations are carrying forward with their hard work and efforts. It is not a new discovery and an age-old fact that every field ranging from pristine occupation agriculture to the latest evolving technologies have Kamas at prominent positions. Say it movies, business, trade, commerce, irrigation, culture, sports, arts, literature, journalism, research and invention, medicine, and every other field we find our Kammas at principal places.
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Doctoral thesis on Kammas by DalelBenbabaali, a French Scholar – A viewpoint!!

On Jan 21st, 2008 eminent newspaper ‘The Hindu’ published an article “French love for Indian soil”, which briefed about a polyglot (one well versed with multiple languages) by name DalelBenbabaali a national of France and a research scholar in Social Geography and Anthropology. The article mentioned about the project that she was conducting in Krishna District and Hyderabad on a particular social group and several dimensions encompassing that group’s history, anthropology, and ethnography as a part of her PhD thesis but didn’t detail on which caste she was pursuing her study. What enticed her to take up that particular subject and which community was the subject of her research wasn’t mentioned in the news.

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Age old marriage rituals of Kammas!! – Part I

Akin to a river bringing in loads of contents from the areas it passes and leaving them

in the flow while adding new ones as it continues its journey, the evolution and advancement

of society brings hordes of changes leaving the old customs behind and adding modified

rituals to the process called life. Marriage, a vital part of life, has several bespoke rituals that

vary from caste to caste. The rituals below described belonged to Kamma community, which

our ancestors have earnestly followed ages ago. brings a record of such rituals

for keeping our readers well-informed. However keeping in view the length of the article we

would be offering this in parts.

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