‘Gotras’ – Their origin and Importance!!

Word ‘Gotra’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Gau’ (Cow) and ‘Trahi’ (Shed). Cows have a great prominence in Hinduism for ages. Thus Gotra should mean ‘A shed that gives shelter to cows’. Our ancestors took utmost care of cows and treated them so sacred, as well in order to protect the best breeds for future lineage, they have always sheltered them in sheds.
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“Sumuhurat is the time when bride and groom exchange their looks for the first time”.

Science behind ‘Sumuhurtham’
‘Sumuhurat’ is an auspicious time decided by divine scholars. A couple’s nuptial life would progress successfully approved and accepted by the universe. A time when the divine power flows from 9 planets is of 2 minutes 48 seconds duration, which is named as ‘waiting’ (Neerikshina). God is running this world through time cycle. Based on the time when people meet and exchange looks, relations would be established between or among individuals depending upon the looks they swap.
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Vara Puja Process

Wedding Mandap:

The Wedding mandap would be decorated with strings of mango leaves and flowers to please the couple. It would be emitting fragrance as the mandap would be applied traditional scents. In the wedding groom is considered as the Lord Maha Vishnu and bride as deity Lakshmi Devi. The groom would be brought on to the Mandap where he is made to sit on a wooden shelf that is placed on rice grains (considered as goddess Lakshmi) in Sukhasana. Sandal would be applied to his hand and “Panneeru” would be sprayed. Groom would be tied “Bhasikamu” (a locket with a twig of turmeric, rice grains, and a small golden sheat) on his forehead.
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