All you need to Know about the Sacred Kamma Wedding Rituals

Marriage is the pure relation where two people are bonded together forever. Although there are different religions in the country and thus there are different ways to how marriage functions and rituals take place. Depending upon the religion, the wedding rituals are performed and they all vary a lot from each other. Here in this article, we will be seeing the various rituals that take in a Telugu Kamma Wedding.
Kamma Matrimony Wedding Rituals
The Telugu Kamma marriage rituals involve several functions that are similar to any other Hindu wedding but the only difference between them is that some of the rituals performed in the Telugu Kamma wedding are taken from the age-old traditions in the Kamma Society. The Kamma bridegroom is all dressed up in the traditional attire in all the functions that are carried on at the wedding. There is a bigger and important meaning of why the Telugu Kamma brides and the Telugu Kamma grooms wear traditional wear for all the wedding rituals. These rituals that are performed are sacred which is why it is very important for both the Telugu Kamma brides and the Telugu Kamma grooms to wear the traditional attire. But with technological advancements and the changes in society the way of dressing has changed but still, there is the touch of the great Telugu traditions in there.
Similarly, there is a change in the way people used to search for the Kamma matches. The traditional ways of finding the Kamma bridegroom have changed in the current time. Previously people used to simply look at their relatives and then by consulting them they used to choose the right match for their sons and their daughters but now the times are changing and with the advancements in the technology the process of finding the perfect Kamma Telugu brides and grooms has changed and has become a fast and easy task. The biggest problem with the traditional way of finding Kamma matches is that all the eligible bachelors have moved away from their families for the job or for further studies and it becomes a waste of time and money completely to find the Kamma marriage links. Which is why people tend to use the latest way of searching for matches which are through the use of Kamma matrimony sites.
With the rapid development in technologies the people the Kamma people are moving towards the use of various Telugu Kamma marriage bureau sites for finding the right Kamma Telugu brides and Kamma Telugu grooms for their sons and daughters. There are various Kamma matrimony sites that tend to provide the right Kamma matches for you but that is only in the writing. Most of the Kamma matrimony sites do not deliver what they mention in their website and that is what is the biggest drawback in them. Subhamastu one of best Kamma matrimony site that helps find the right Kamma marriage links for you and helps you get your happily ever after. We have a great team that helps find the right match for you by searching our large database of Kamma Telugu brides and the Kamma Telugu grooms.
After this very important task of finding the right Kamma Telugu brides and Kamma Telugu grooms is done it is now the time to move on to the holy and sacred rituals of marriage and the bond that it builds between two persons who are truly in love. There are various rituals that are performed in this sacred bond of marriage, these rituals are a way of blessing the couple to live a happy, healthy and long married life.
The Telugu Kamma marriage consists of many rituals that involve the complete involvement of both the Telugu Kamma brides family and the Telugu Kamma grooms family spiritually, physically and mentally completely. These marriage rituals and traditions have been going on from ages and every ritual has a deep meaning to it, every function was made with the thought of making the bond of these two people sacred and it involves seeking blessings from God so as to be blessed by him and lead a happy married life.
As I said, there are many rituals and many of you might not be completely aware of the various wedding traditions and rituals that are very old and that play a major role in the wedding, so here are there some of the most important Kamma marriage rituals that you must know and their importance in the Kamma marriage function:

  1. Muhurtham:  While planning a wedding the most important thing is to decide the date and the time of the wedding. After selecting the perfect Kamma matches for yourself the next step that comes in is the marriage.  The marriage date and time that is decided is called the Muhurtham, it is the time and the date when the Kamma Telugu brides and the Kamma Telugu grooms get married according to the holy rituals and the mantras that are chanted to complete the marriage. The Muhurtham is decided based on a lot of things including the seasons and thus there are some of the seasons in which the marriage rituals never take place.
  2. Pellikuthuru:  This is one of the rituals that are similar to the Haldi function in most of the Hindu wedding of the northern states. The Telugu Kamma brides and the Telugu Kamma grooms both are involved in this function. In this ritual, a paste of turmeric and oil is made which is applied to the Kamma bridegroom by all the family members and then they have to take bath after that ritual and wear good clothes. This is one of the fun functions in the Kamma marriage ceremony as all the family members are involved and they all put Haldi(turmeric) to the Kamma bridegroom.
  3. Kashi Yatra: This is one of the Rituals in Telugu Kamma marriage where only the Telugu Kamma grooms are involved. In the ritual, the Telugu Kamma grooms have to pretend to be going to Kashi as a priest and the brother of the Telugu Kamma brides have to stop him and convince him for marrying his sister. After this, the Kamma Telugu grooms agree to marry the bride. This is one part of the ritual in the Telugu Kamma marriage which plays an important role.
  4. Snathakam: This is one amongst the ritual that takes place at the Telugu Kamma grooms place. In this ritual, the grooms are given the holy silver thread (called “Janev”) to wear as an indication of his change in responsibilities and shift from the bachelorhood to the householder. This is one of the most important rituals in a Kamma marriage.
  5. Mangala Snanam: So, this ritual in the Kamma weddings is the one in which both the Kamma Telugu brides and the Kamma Telugu grooms have to take part. In this ritual, the Kamma bridegroom has to take bath in the holy water and after that, they have to take part in the aarti for god. This is the one ritual which is supposed to purify both the Kamma bridegroom and prepare them to attend the further main ceremony of the wedding functions.
  6. Aarti: In this ritual after the Telugu Kamma brides and the Telugu Kamma grooms take bath in the holy water, they need to apply oil on themselves in their respective homes, where their families and friends perform an aarti and pray for the couple’s long life and ask God to keep showering his blessing on the lovely couple. Taking blessings from God is considered very important in every occasion of the life and especially in marriage because it is the bond where two will be bonded together for a lifetime.

Telugu Kamma Wedding rituals are full of various traditions and rituals which are full of true and pious feelings that help keep the two souls bonded together in love forever. The culture and the rituals are rich in color and age-long traditions that have a great meaning in the life of the couple.
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