Should Kammas rethink about choosing “Engineering” as career? – Changing Career Dynamics!!

With the Information Technology penetrating couple of decades back gradually making technology inevitable in every part of our lives, the demand for IT engineers presumably increased by leaps and bounds making many to opt for the relevant course. Nevertheless, as the saying in Sanskrit Athi Sarvatra Varjayeth asserts, anything beyond a logical point results in mess and that is what we are seeing today. An extreme dichotomy exists where a class of engineers are being recruited by top Multi-National Corporations at a range of salaries which their parents have never assumed to have earned in their lives, and a sect of engineers are jobless and roaming ready to take any kind of job.
Why this paradox?
Particularly in Andhra Pradesh, the then government made optimum efforts to leverage the IT revolution and succeeded in bringing multiple companies to Hyderabad. To meet the manpower requirement the government which was until then very stringent in issuing permissions for new colleges in engineering and other domains, changed its stance to extremely liberal and permitted more engineering colleges supported by boosting up the primary education system. The succeeding government opened the doors further in the form of fee reimbursement that made every Tom and Dick to come up with an Engineering college. As the basic law of economics say, if supply exceeds requirement, the demand would automatically recede. Here along with the demand, the quality of education too journeyed southwards. With low quality graduates mushrooming every year the IT companies had more options to choose as per their standards. This phenomenon over a period of years resulted in a glut of engineers doing nothing and compromising for small jobs.
Yes engineers are for sure required for the progress of any nation. Engineers of all streams, mechanical, IT, aeronautical, robotics, civil electrical, electronics, mechatronics and other branches are needed for taking the nation forward or developing industries. But development won’t happen only with engineers. To run the organizations/industries smoothly Chartered Accountants/Company Secretaries are required. In addition, banking experts, tax experts, economists, sociologists, doctors and others are required. To train these professionals the system needs 1000s of lecturers and teachers.
But as mentioned above, keeping in view the emerging software and allied industries, many are opting IT (Software Engineering). There are around 800 engineering colleges in both the Telugu states combined. There is a possibility of 3.5 lakh students joining every year in engineering. Both the states, for that matter, the country doesn’t have the necessary bandwidth to create employment to all these engineering graduates. As per the industry analysis, only 10-15% of those graduating every year have the requisite skills to get placed in the industry. Due to the dearth of quality faculty members in most of the colleges, we are getting certified engineers but not the qualified ones. And thanks to the fee reimbursement, many non-serious candidates are joining this serious course making it a fun. Next article covers the reasons why Engineering in Information Technology may not be a right choice for everyone.
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