Kammas in Other States

There are couple of ancient proverbs that depict the hardworking nature of Kammas and their proficiency in agriculture. One such proverb ‘Even land fears Kammas” (భూమి కూడా కమ్మవారికి భయపడుతుంది) distinctly conveys how this social class, which is basically dependent on agriculture for generations, put land to effective use for deriving optimum output and doing rare experiments.

Where are Kammas Majorly Located

The other saying often quoted “A community that is seen where water is present” (నీటి వనరు ఎక్కడ ఉంటె కమ్మవారు అక్కడ ఉంటారు) historically proved that Kammas in search of water and fertile lands left their home lands and travelled distances. We can see manifold Kamma families in adjoining states of Karnataka (Bellary, Gangavati, Kolar, Chikballapur, Bangalore and a few other areas), Orissa, and Maharashtra (Vidharbha Region) who specifically moved for cultivation. Wherever this community went, they earned respect in the local population and societies with their hard work and social standards.

In the last 3-4 decades Kammas in large numbers migrated to other countries for advanced education and better business opportunities. Though the substantial relocation happened to USA, Canada, Australia, and UK, other countries like Germany, France, New Zealand, and Middle East.

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