Kamma Community Unique Wedding

Kamma Matrimony – One of The Most Unique Wedding in India

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In Telegu ‘Kamma’ word means an ornament worn in the ear like an earring. According to the south Indian culture, different legends gave different explanations in favor of the origin of the term ‘Kamma’. But the most popular belief is Goddess Lakshmi gave sages a casket with her most precious ornament, her earring, which is called Kamma in Tamil, Lord Vishnu himself send sages to her for their protection from demons. They worshiped the casket for more than a century Afterwards 500 warriors appeared and free the sages the demon and the community got their name from it.

Reasons why Kamma Matrimony is so Unique:

There are many reasons like their style, rituals that make them one of the most unique wedding in India.

  • Kamma Marriage Rituals:

There are many rituals and customs that are followed in a Kamma marriage. But the most important are.

  1. Nalagu:

This is actually the Haldi ceremony which is known as the first ritual in the marriage ceremony. Here the Kamma groom has to wear a white dhoti for this ritual while the Kamma bride has to don a white saree that has a red border and this has made this wedding unique. Then the bride and the groom are applied oil and then turmeric flour is pasted on their shoulders.

  1. Vira Gudi Mokaddam:

After the Nalagu, in this ritual the Kamma bride and the Kamma groom worship their ancestors. In this ritual three to five bricks are applied turmeric paste and other important things required for the puja and kept as representing the ancestors in a temporary pandal. Coconut is broken near the bricks. The Kamma grooms need to perform this unique ritual.

  1. Pellikuthuru:

Both the Kamma bride and Kamma groom. Along with the couple, the entire family, guests, relatives, and friends of the two participate in this ritual where both are sat down together and then smeared with a paste of haldi. After that they take a bath and wear new clothes and enjoy the festive with their relatives.

  1. Kashi yatra:

This is literally a fun ritual which you can see only in Kamma wedding. Here the groom has to run away from the wedding and tells the bride’s father that he does not want to marry and become a priest while walking out of the mandapa. Then the Kamma groom has to be convinced by the bride’s father for marriage.

  1. Snathakam:

This ritual takes place at the place of the groom where the groom gets a silver thread, also called a ‘janev’ from the priests, which is an indication or symbolic of the groom’s taking up new responsibilities in his life as a married man and also indicates that the groom is ready to take the leap from being a bachelor to becoming a married houseman.

  1. Kanyadaan:

In this emotional Tamil ritual maternal uncle of the bride takes her to the mandap in a basket. Dressed in a beautiful sari and adorned with jewellery, the bride carries a red pumpkin, betel leaves, sandalwood stick, coconut, and betel nuts while entering the mandap. During this ritual the Kamma bride and groom are separated by a curtain and the bride’s fathers wash the groom’s feet with water after the ritual ends. In a Kamma marriage the Kamma grooms are treated as God.

  • Kamma matrimony style:

For better compatibility these Kamma people search for their Kamma groom and brides in their own caste. During auspicious times they worship swords and spears in their house. They worship this sword and spears and pay respect to their ancestors to seek their blessings. The brother of the bride takes the bride and the groom before marriage to the Sami tree with these swords and performs a puja known as the Sami Puja. Veerbhadra is also worshipped. During this ritual the bride walks on a bed of hot coal. This may vary a little depending on the family of bride and groom.

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