Kamma Matrimonial Reflections – Mangalyadharana

This is the most important aspect of Indian marriage process. Paternal aunt and maternal uncle would prepare ‘Mangalasutra’ from 16-18 strings from 4 directions representing four dharma s. It is the initiation of process for shifting the responsibility of being a virgin girl to become a housewife.

There would be two Sutras, one representing own family and the other in-laws family. The Sutra presented on behalf of bride’s family will indicate lifetime, health, wealth, and prosperity. Whereas the Sutra presented on behalf of in-laws family would symbolize children, husband’s lifetime, progress, and development. Bride would be carrying the burden of protecting and enhancing the customs, repute, responsibilities of both the families, on her heart which is represented by ‘Mangalasutra’ on her heart. She would be an ambassador between both the families. This ‘mangalasutra’ is either prepared from a yellow thread or gold. Yellow will give bliss and energy to the mind.
3 Knots: Matrimonial relation would be intertwined with “Mangalasutra”.
1st Knot: To take the righteous path and travel in the way of wisdom, power, and rectitude.
2nd Knot: To progress in the way of children, blissfulness, and service orientation.
3rd Knot: To live a systematic living committed to values and righteousness till the end of life with blissfulness and promoting the growth of family in terms of children.
Matrimonial life is not only physical and psychological but also spiritual. After tying the knot the groom would put a spot with turmeric on nerve of last bone pertinent to bride’s spine. Through this touch bride would develop attraction for the groom which would be boundless. Pursuant to that guests and elders would bless the newlywed couple with ‘akshithas’ (sacred rice mixed with sandal and turmeric), which would result in the generation of power. Such power would enable the couple to lead a happy life with children all other facets a progressive life.
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