How is the dating culture and custom among different communities in India?

  1. Their culture is slightly changed
    Before talking about dating culture in India, we should know that Indian dating culture has changed a little bit nowadays. Due to modernization, parental involvement has decreased. From our parents only, we learn about love. The way you’re raised and the environment and surrounding in which we grow up. it influences the way we perceive, feel, and give love. But there would be a major concern that the way parents interfere in their adult child’s relationship is by crossing boundaries and inappropriate lines of communication. Luckily now parents no longer set up a meeting for you. In past, two parents would meet and fix the marriage for their children. You could meet and talk a few times after deciding all things and then get married. But nowadays parents give freedom to their children to date and find their own partner. Many parents are searching on matrimonial sites for their child’s marriage.
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  2. Arranged or love marriage
    Although Indian parents have given some freedom to their children for finding their own partners. Still, most of the parents prefer arranged marriages in their own community. Love marriages are still hard for Indian couple as it gets hard to convince their parents. This style is called a contemporary dating style. The parents allowed their children, they have also the right to arrange their child’s marriage with someone they’d like. In case the parents approved their child’s boyfriend or girlfriend then they would not be arranging a marriage for them. It would be the sole responsibility of the child to get married.
  3. American dating style
    The dating style of Americans is quite different from Indians. Online matrimonial sites and matchmaking sites are a very common thing in the USA. Kamma matrimony USA site is present to help the NRI kamma bride or NRI kamma groom to find their respective kamma grooms and kamma bride inside India as well as outside India. A person living in the USA can easily find his/her kamma matches in Andhra Pradesh or Vijayawada, in their native place.
    But in Indian culture, people have a social circle and background among their families or extended families. Hence, when you get to know someone you like, it is like knowing the whole group of people rather an individual one. So, it becomes difficult to say for a date to whom you have like.
  4. Single life is easier for men than women
    In India, it is very uncomfortable with being single. Singles include unmarried, divorced, separated and widowed women cannot participate in any religious ceremonies because according to the Indian culture, it was unholy. Hence, being single in India means you have to get ready to listen to all the criticism from the society. They become the talk of the town. The people assume that the woman must have any flaw, that she is not sociable and can’t compromise with other. Single life for men is easier than women in India. They receive less criticism. Now, it has changed a little bit. Divorced persons are getting married and start their new life happily and comfortably. In the kamma matrimony sites also, it has a particular website kamma divorced matrimony for divorced individuals, where any divorced kamma bride and divorced kamma grooms can search their life partner and find the best one for them, who can stand with them throughout th eir life without any objections.
  5. Some couple want to have secrecy, according to the society
    In some regions in India, dating is an uncommon thing that couples can date to know each other better. So, they prefer to keep their relationship secret. The secrecy depends on how strict and conservative is their local culture. In Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh or Tamil couples keep secret their relationship due to the fear of unacceptability of the society. While more modern place such as Delhi, Mumbai people are more open about their dating relationship. But they keep some things on their own. They usually like to open up to close friends having similar thoughts.
  6. Although legally permitted, cohabitation is still prohibited
    In the year 2010, it is legally permitted that there is nothing wrong with a man and a woman living together without marriage. But still, this is a very uncommon thing in most of the regions in India. It goes against the culture and custom. Cohabitation is still prohibited. The rules are rooted so deeply, that you can’t change the thought process. But in some cities, it becomes a normal thing nowadays.
  7. Indian culture is not familiar with homosexuality
    As under Section 377, the Supreme Court of India has finally put an end to the criminalization of homosexuality in India, data from opinion polls shows that societal acceptance might still be some way off. While the majority of the people remains opposed to same-sex relationships, the views of Indians on homosexuality have become less rigid over time. Most of the homosexual people in India prefer to go to Nepal to register their legal marriage.
    In the communities also, Indian society still denying their existence. They receive big hatred in India. In many cases, they also disowned by their family because of the shame of having a homosexual person in the family.
  8. No excessive public display of emotions
    As being a part of the society, there are rigorous and several rules on love- on whom you can love, when and where you can love, how much you can love and of course a strict prohibition list of whom you cannot desire to love at all etc.
    This is not something that is forbidden. You have to keep your relationship secret. When you still dating, holding hands and light hug may be accepted, but beyond that limit is strictly prohibited.
  9. No hook-ups culture
    This happened only in the big cities of India, where one-night hookups with short flings having no commitment and feelings involved. While youngsters find it easy, this certainly gives an elder’s heart attack. This culture becoming popular because Indian find this less burden for them.
  10. The usage of social media
    Today modernization and technology surely becoming an important part of society. For dating, most of the Indians use this social media, where they can find individuals according to their choices. Several online matrimonial sites are working to find suitable matches. Kamma matrimony sites becoming popular because of its authenticity, security as well as the availability of a large number of kamma brides and kamma grooms’ profiles.
  11. The “amenities” of high-end dating
    Even if you are finding your partners through any dating sites, social media or online matrimony sites, there are some amenities and customs you should follow. We are Indian, and we should proud to be Indian and should give respect to our moral values. While trying to find partners you should:
    Never send any relationship request before you and him /she have confirmed to start dating.
    Don’t humiliate yourself by posting flirty type pictures. It will make you less attractive.
    Give some space to your partner. Never force him/her to find time for them.
    Don’t be so curious or ask them why they are busy. Keep them comfortable.
    Never spying on them.

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