How forgiveness can be a strong component to have a healthy relationship?

Forgiveness is an intentional and voluntary process through which anyone can experience a change of feeling and internal satisfaction regarding any fault, which can lead to a lot of negative emotion in history. We let these negative feeling with this powerful weapon called “forgiveness”.
Kamma matrimony, which is a Telugu kamma marriage bureau enables many kamma brides and kamma grooms to find their soul mate, their perfect partner. After getting “the one”, when the kamma brides and kamma grooms are in love, they open their hearts to each other and become vulnerable. But be cautious in the meetings arranged by kamma matrimony because even a single unguarded or unkind word can hurt your partner and can cause a severe wound to their hearts, which is very dangerous for both of you and your long-term relationship.

All will agree that forgiveness is one the most important aspect of a healthy relationship. Several studies have also shown that the kamma brides and kamma grooms, who include forgiveness in their relationship as an important factor, they can enjoy longer, more satisfying romantic relationships. It is also found that the kamma brides or kamma grooms who practice unconditional forgiveness have more chances to enjoy longer lives because a satisfying and tension free life can add more years to the lifespan.
Each and every person is unique, different, not perfect because we all are the creation of God, not the actual God. So, we all have imperfections. It does not matter how close our relationship is, every individual is incredibly different from others. The kamma matches who form a “fantasy bond” in between them more likely to forget the basic rule of relationship called forgiveness. That’s why many kamma matches face problem in their relationship for further proceedings.

We have often heard clichés like ‘not keeping a grudge’ in the heart or being a bighearted person. Well, in all total although forgiveness can be tricky sometimes, we should include this forgiveness into our personality. Because it involves you allowing yourself to be strong. forgiving means letting your anger go and letting go of the ‘moral high ground’. It may include consideration of how you yourself contribute to the problem. It is foolish to say that we are always on the right side because there are usually definitely two sides to an argument. Maybe this time it is your turn to forgive and next time it will be your partner’s turn to forgive you. So, in a healthy relationship, there should be a sweet mixture of forgiveness with love.
There’s a famous saying that: ‘Holding onto bitterness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.’ Forgiveness isn’t only about retaining harmony in your relationship, but also it is about being kind to yourself. If you are not careful enough, then your anger can eat away at you and even affect your attitude towards your relationships in the future, making you feel more defensive or untrusting.

Forgiveness is a skill, which can be developed within a person gradually. So, every kamma groom, as well as kamma bride, should learn to build this forgiveness into their relationship. By learning to let go silly things, they able to avoid the conflicts that occur over time and begin to erode away at the relationship.
The kamma groom and kamma bride should understand that every relationship needs a bit of giving and take. Learning to forgive can make the whole process easier. It doesn’t mean that you should not ask the faults, errors of your partner, but make them know in a better way so that they would not feel humiliated and understand the thing properly.
Healthy Aspects of Forgiving
If you hold the old hurts, disappointments, betrayals, insensitivity, and anger in your heart, you are wasting your own time and energy. This old hurt can hurt more and create hate and extreme bitterness.
Lack of forgiveness can put you down, hurt more. In addition to that, for physical and mental well- being unforgiving is vulnerable. It will harm your relationship very deeply.
Here are the seven important keys to intimate forgiveness that we’ve found necessary to create a long-lasting, loving relationship:

  1. Honour your partner’s choice
    The first step to the forgiveness is to take responsibility for why that particular person is by your side. Remind yourself that the only reason your partner is with you is that you chose them out of the so many kamma brides or kamma grooms.
  2. Accept your partner’s flaws
    Accept the universal truth that each and every person have their imperfections. Maybe your partner has difficult and annoying qualities. But research shows that a relationship can be successful only when you accept your partner fully with their flaws and errors.
  3. Look for the positive qualities of your partner.
    Every person has positive as well as negative qualities. When there are conflicts between the kamma groom and kamma bride, try to look the positive qualities of your partner. It will help you to forgive him/her. Acknowledge and talk about how much you appreciate the positive qualities of your partner. These things bring back the original fragrance of your relationship. It also helps to reduce the pain of hurts and pain they got previously.
  4. Try to be their best friend.
    When you are taking to your kamma grooms or kamma bride about his/her bad quality of behaviour, do so with compassion. You are their life partner, you should know them better than anyone else. You should know their insecurities, wounds, hurts, and losses that can lead to their unskilful behaviour.
  5. Accept what you can’t change about your partner
    Be patient and accept your partner wholeheartedly with every aspect of your partner they can’t or won’t change. Understand the fact that about 70% of relationship problems don’t resolve over the period of a relationship. Instead of angry on your partner, accept their truth.
  6. Recommit to your relationship.
    If you are recommitting, do so with enough kindness. If you do not want to argue leave with wisely.
  7. Be kind to yourself.
    Create a relationship is easy but maintaining it is quite difficult. You should be gentle with your kamma groom or kamma bride partner.
    Benefits of forgiveness for relationships
    There are many physical and mental benefits of forgiveness, but, do you know how the relationships can enjoy the benefits of forgiveness?
    The kamma matches that regularly practice forgiveness have shown more behavioural regulation. Additionally, the kamma bride and kamma groom show positive motivation towards their partner as well, which implies that instead of having a disliking behaviour or holding a grudge all the time, they actually drop the case. Not only that, but also, they work hard to maintain a positive relationship between the kamma matches which involves less hatred, punishments, and hostility.
    When you are in the process of forgiving your partner for what he/she did, they also start to feel shame because of the hurt they put you through. The feeling of shame only because of vulnerability. When someone is angry or in pain, it is quite visible through their responses which also angers and gives pain to the other person, and as a result of which, the cycle of giving pain keeps on going. But, when we push back our pain and give way to understanding, the result is a relationship can be balanced from both the sides. When anyone either kamma groom or kamma bride sympathize with the other partner and figure out when we’re in pain or feeling hurt, then the both of you can truly forgive and set your hearts free from any grudges.
    Forgiveness is not only beneficial to you emotionally, but also beneficial for different aspects of health like somatic pains, fatigue, quality of sleep etc. as a result of which the reduction in negative thoughts reduces the depressive symptoms and strengthened the conflict management and spirituality among the kamma brides and kamma grooms.
    Are there some Things, which are Unforgivable?
    Forgiveness provides the person a chance to break the continuous cycle of doing mistakes and another chance to improve yourself and the relationship. It will bring the peace that enables the person to move forward in their life. But if your spouse abuses you physically or mentally or betray you continuously, keeps you lying to you, then there is no point of forgiving here, it is the high time to say enough is enough. In these cases, you should seriously evaluate your relationship and possibly think about to end this marriage. Although you found your partner from kamma matrimony, we are always with you and help you in every way possible to end this relationship in these cases.
    Forgiveness is beneficial for the body, mind as well as the beautiful relationship, which is sufficient reason to work of letting go the hurt and anger and forgiving your better half.
    Keep in mind that forgiveness is a process which enables the individuals to release anger and pain while also feeling less vulnerable and stronger to others. Don’t forget that forgiveness takes both effort and time from the kamma groom and kamma bride to have a happy and healthy relationship.
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