Exchange of Garlands in Marriage – Significance

Exchange of Garlands in Marriage – Significance
On the occasion of marriage bride and groom are considered as divine goddess Laksmi Devi and Lord Sri Vishnu. The divine couple has fondness for adornment and beautification.

They decorate themselves with ornaments and garlands. Similarly, the couple in the marriage would also be adorned. It is said “Kante Shobanardhe” which means they would exchange garlands for beautifying their necks. Garlands around necks would emit sweet fragrance thus creating a blissfull ambience to the participants. In the process, bride would be garlanding the groom. However at this juncture, bride’s father would ask her if she is interest in this marriage. Bride would manifest her acceptance by putting garland around groom’s neck. If the bride perfectly likes the groom she would face the life with chivalry and overcome any kind of trouble. Hence, bride’s acceptance is mandatory as such marriages will keep the couples happy in all perspectives. For this logic, bride would be made to garland the groom.
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