Do you know brain is the organ of love, not Heart – How?

We researched about biological process that create this precious feeling called love, the psychological facts about love and physiological processes that help us to fall in love for someone.

Falling in love is just amazing. The numerous colours seem brighter. Hurdles in life seem to vanish. It feels like the whole world is just the most beautiful place because of our lover. These words seem like magic but these facts are actually true. Some of these strong feelings are occurred because of chemicals released in the brain. Although the scientific reasons for love are not that much romantic, it is just fascinating to realize the complexity of our bodies.

We, kamma matrimony, which is a Telugu kamma marriage bureau care here to celebrate the purity of love in the form of marriage. Here many kamma grooms and kamma brides have come to feel the magical spark of love and find their soul mate. 

You would be surprised when you come to know about the scientifically proven facts about love which we are going to discuss:

1.       Love at first sight

After many studies, researchers have found that “Love at first site is Real” and just in one-fifth of a second, a person can fall in love just looking for some seconds only due to increase in the protein called “nerve growth protein”. That’s why many kamma brides and kamma grooms can feel the touch of love at the first meeting only, arranged by kamma matrimony.

2. The surge of Dopamine/Norepinephrine

According to Helen Fisher, who researched what’s really happening in the brains of the deeply and madly type lovers. And she found several facts about love. The brain is the organ of love, not our heart. Certain areas of the brain can areas can produce dopamine and nor epinephrine, which help in light up as soon as the loved people focus on the object of their affection, these things get them blinded and high just like someone who has taken cocaine. It provides you that rush of pleasure and happiness that makes those drugs so addicting. It also boosts the release of testosterone, which is essential for attraction.  We sure that several kamma brides and kamma grooms can feel it, and this feeling help them to decide to whom they want to marry.

The persons who are love are becoming more innovative. That’s why they can write heart touching songs, extravagant poems, cross continents for just to see their lover and can even die for each other. Love only provide them this energy and stamina to achieve anything they want in their life without feeling any pain or sense of hurdles.

3.  Love tastes like sweet

According to the same research done by Dr. Helen Fisher, also showed that it is like being addicted to sweets, especially like chocolates. Who don’t like chocolates? Chocolates are something that fascinates everyone and our taste buds. Going through a bad heartbreak is like kicking a bad-drug-habit or more like not eating that particular brand of chocolate anymore. But falling in love for the first time is more like eating your first ever chocolate-piece, that most of our kamma bride and kamma grooms have tasted.

4. Love can literally make you mad and crazy.

Something serious fact about love is that it can lead to serious infatuation. The same serotonin level that brings about the infatuation is found in those people having obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), which is an anxiety disorder. probably that’s why you cannot seem to think of anyone else other than him/her when you have fallen in love. This chemical makes us feel like, if our loved one despises us, it’s the end of the world and it is also one of the main reasons of people spiraling down to depression just because of a simple rejection from someone they either admired or were infatuated to.

5. Love and Marriage

Here the lovers can find the name of their relationship called marriage. It is the celebration of mixing of two souls by tying them in a strong knot called as marriage. It is found that many kamma matches that idealize one another lead to a happier married life. Both, the kamma brides and kamma groom are believed to be happy in their marriage if they feel the same spark over their spouse.

6. Oxytocin – the Commitment Neuro-Modulator

Oxytocin- better known as the commitment neuro-modulator. It is that chemical which helps to reinforce bonding or attachment in mammals. Anyone, who is in love will have surges of Oxytocin flowing through their brain like anything; as everything they can do, even the smallest of things will trigger the reward center of their brain and giving them all kinds of pleasure with much assurance and no hassle whatsoever. It comes up with a romanticized view of the world.

7. When you take away the key “bonding” hormones, the attachment will disappear.

A study had done on prairie voles, which is a rodent that forms a long-term mating pair, where the hormone called vasopressin was suppressed. These pore voles lost their interest immediately in their mate and did not even protect their loved one another from new mates.

8. Brain Chemicals promote Fidelity

Nowadays scientists explore the brain activity of individuals who report being ‘’in love’’ using a technique called the “functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging” (fMRI). The fMRI results of someone, who is in love are found to be strikingly similar to the results of someone, who is under intoxication of several drugs either cocaine or any other wonder drug. But, when in love, these chemicals that are excreted in the mind of an individual through triggers of different sorts believe to enhance fidelity between couples and help sustain long term relationships. In the research done on kamma matrimony also, it has found that the kamma brides and kamma grooms who are in love and then marry, their relationship is more beautiful and happier as compared to others.

9. Official Announcement: Love makes us Crazy

As being in love causes the levels of serotonin in our brain to drop, it may lead the loved people to either obsess about their lovers or be overtly possessive and protective. It also increases the production of the stress hormone named as cortisol, which results in little high blood pressure and loss of sleep. According to new research, it has found that when an individual look at their loved ones, the neural circuits that are the base of social judgment in our brains are suppressed. We can say that love leaves us obsessed, stressed and blind but still, we seem to love it undeniably. When he/she is in love with a person, that person is perfect for them. It does not matter what others say. This blindness leads them to move forward in their relationship and is usually required to move onto the “lifelong attachment stage”. So, we found many mismatches in terms of height, complexion, weight etc. in several kamma matches, but their bonding between the kamma bride and kamma grooms is so matched that we can’t even believe.

10.  Blushing, what primates prefer

According to our researchers, when it comes to dating, blushing plays a crucial role and possibly the best strategy. They believe that blushing is something that naturally happens in case of attraction and sends out a good signal to your companion, and a message of good health. So, don’t worry, in a meeting arranged by kamma matrimony between the kamma bride and kamma groom, you can automatically find a signal from your potential partner by their gesture in the form of blushing.

11. Why broken hearts hurt

Through a new study, it has proven now that psychological hurt of a break up can get as real as physical pain or injury. When one person is dealing with social pain or discomfort such as being dumped, two areas of the brain that respond to physical pain also activate simultaneously. Researchers found that this pain of rejection may have evolved as a motivational force that led humans to seek social interaction and acceptance.

Well, there are certain scientific facts about what love does to our brain and the things we should bear in mind while we’re in love. Although Science has understood a part of the story, it can never understand what love does to us, and moreover how and why and it does. That’s why love should be cherished above all other happiness, as it is the only thing that probably no one has ever understood but still can’t get enough of. Kamma matrimony also wishes all the love birds kamma brides and kamma grooms that their love may sparkle like a beautiful star in the sky of love. So, start to love and be in love.

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