Compatibility Quotient – What factors do elders consider while deciding a marriage?

“Marriages are decided in heaven but executed on mother earth”
Whether a bride is compatible to a bride groom or vice versa is decided based upon three factors i.e. Astrology, Age and Height. These factors play a pivotal role in shaping up the harmony in relationship.

Vedic Astrology has an excellent and proven method of compatibility matching based on various parameters per se birth stars (lunar constellations), birth times, names and other details of both bride and groom, which would be analyzed to foresee the post marriage lifestyles of the couple.It assigns points for factors that influence marriage. More the pointsthe more chances of success of the marriage.
Banking on astrology the qualities of both male and female partners would be ascertained if they belong to Deva (Divine), Rakshasa (Demon) or Manusha (Human) Ganas (temperaments of nature). In the process female Ganas would be considered as standard in checking the affinity between the couple.
If the bride’s Ganas are divine, that of grooms’ can be of any category.
But if bride’s profile is pertinent to demon ganas, grooms’ should not be of human. If groom’s ganas are also of demon the lifestyle of the couple would be stable and balanced. If the temperaments of groom are of angelic then bride would have to act in accordance with her husband. Such couple would lead their life successfully.
The difference in age between the couple, which the elders prefer, is attributed to a sensible logic. At least 3 years gap between the groom and bride is desired, where the former should be senior. It is said that women are 8 times more powerful in thinking and judgment then men, as well 16 times dominant in patience and forgiveness. The constitutional rule that a marriage should not be committed unless a female crosses her 18 years and a male 21 years is also supported by psychology. Women achieve their wholeness and comprehensiveness of their life by 18 years while men attain it at 21 years. Even the women obtain their oldness 3 years before men.
Difference between the heights of couple has a rational reason credited to it. When the couple embraces each other right ear of female should touch the region where the male’s heart is located. Female will have her place in the heart of the male which indicates that aspects which she can’t see with her eyes but listen with ears can feel them with her heart.
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