Age old marriage rituals of Kammas!! – Part I

Akin to a river bringing in loads of contents from the areas it passes and leaving them

in the flow while adding new ones as it continues its journey, the evolution and advancement

of society brings hordes of changes leaving the old customs behind and adding modified

rituals to the process called life. Marriage, a vital part of life, has several bespoke rituals that

vary from caste to caste. The rituals below described belonged to Kamma community, which

our ancestors have earnestly followed ages ago. brings a record of such rituals

for keeping our readers well-informed. However keeping in view the length of the article we

would be offering this in parts.

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Marriage – Significance in life!

“What makes a person’s life absolute and complete is marriage.”
Marriage in Indian context is a Vedic tradition that is august and idealistic. Sages of the past, who acted as the guiding lights for the then society, with grand providence, established this noble and notable institution called ‘marriage’ that is aspired to rationalize human life style and take absolute pleasure in the internal essence of various elements comprising individual, society, culture, country, universe, nature, and god eternally. Wedding, for Indians, is an elevated and majestic process that is intended to uphold and preserve the association and relationship between the partners for 7 life cycles. It is a blissful journey that keeps the couple intimate, cherished, healthy and ecstatic throughout the life. Continue reading

Historic Proverbs on Kammas – Their significance!!

Historic Proverbs on Kammas – Their significance!!

“కమ్మవాడి చేతులు కట్టినా నిలవడు”
“కమ్మవారికి భూమి భయపడుతుంది”
“ఎక్కడ నీరు ఉంటుందో అక్కడ కమ్మవారు ఉంటారు”
“నీటికి నాట్యం నేర్పినవారు కమ్మవారు”

These are some of the proverbs historically being used in the course of Kamma community’s evolution and progression. This article explores the essence behind the emergence of such proverbs and importance of their sustenance over ages.
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Marriages are made in Heaven and Solemnized on Earth

Marriages are made in heaven and solemnized on earth. Hindu marriages emphasize tradition, happiness, harmony and growth; lustrous with the fall of fabrics, colors that define families’ social, cultural and religious elements. Unlike many communities’ kamma community weddings are native heritage, extra lavish, holy and most influential.  More than one fifth of kamma communities are spread everywhere around the world. Brides and bridegrooms of kamma community denote the royalty of their family.

Kamma marriage ceremony is held on bright half of the day

Marriage for every girl is huge transformation as the girl leaves everything; she is familiar about and steps in new and different environs.

Kamma marriages are generally celebrated at bridegroom house. Few kamma families have the custom of worshipping lord veerabhadra during marriages. With a the vows of Dharmecha, Arthecha, kamecha, Mokshecha nati charami every new bride start her wedding life with her bride groom, which means I will never leave you in dharma, money, desire and attainment of the ultimate.

Bride is excepted to follow few rituals during the marriage process like holy bath with aromatic ingredients like haldi, rose petals, natural scrub which imparts healthy and flawless skin within her, followed by customized floral ornament adorn to hair, circular dots of kumkuma on forehead between eyebrows, black waterline on eyes, nose ring for ethnic look, classic ear rings and sparkling sacred maang sindhoor for a perfect look. Girl looks like princess on the day of wedding with bright colored dress and with her chunky jewellaries from head to toe.

Before wedding ceremony the bride performs Guari pooja at house with her family and relatives. It also includes with the ritual of changing bride gotram in the presence of elderly couples from both families.Just before the wedding the bride takes blessing ceremony from elders, this helps them to start her life successfully.

Followed by Guari Pooja, kannyakadhanam is the next important ritual where bride’s maternal uncle will carry the bride in a basket to the kalyana vedika (dias). The bride and bridegroom are separted by cloth curtain between them, as partition. After the kannyakadhanam the bride is allowed to look at bridegroom. There after the bride’s parents wash the feet of bridegroom, as a gesture of respect. Finally uniting of bride with bridegroom is most important ritual, where kamma bridegroom ties mangalasutram to bride in front elderly members of the family.

Every Indian girl goes through it phase of life, the fear of scary is surprisingly over comed with the feeling of love which she had before don’t feel weird if you go through this feeling, as marriage is beautiful phase to meet your true soul mate.

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