Tips to a Happy Marriage

Marriage plays a very important role in one’s life and that is the reason we choose the best person or we can say life partner whom we can spend the whole life with. There are various Kamma matrimony sites that can help you find your true soulmate and help fix your marriage but how to keep that marriage happy and how to find love in that marriage is something the Kamma brides and the Kamma grooms have to determine themselves.

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There is no such guidebook or any instructions book that will guide Continue reading

Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage

Marriage is a very important part of any person’s life and when you do find your life partner you want your marriage to last longer. Marriage is not at all similar to any normal relationship and that is the reason we all search for a good partner with whom we share all the happy and important moments of our life. To keep a happy and long relationship is a very hard task and to figure out that task completely depends on you and how you do it.

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We all have been through various stages in our lives and these stages like relationships and these experiences are nothing similar to a marriage, and that is the reason it is very tough to maintain Continue reading

How to build Strong Relation in an Arranged Marriage

Marriage is a very crucial part of one’s life and whether you find the love of your life through your parents or through any matrimonial site, you need to keep that love and passion alive in your marriage. Marriage plays a very important role in your life, where you get to share your feelings, your responsibilities and what you truly are with another person whom you have chosen as your life partner. Now people have different ways of finding their life partners and most of the time parents tend to help in that decision, as it is such an important decision of one’s life.

Kamma Matrimony arranged marriages

In every part of the country and around the globe, marriage plays a very crucial role in every person’s life, be it a Christian wedding or a Punjabi wedding or a Telugu wedding. The marriage rituals are different in all of them but the one thing which is common is that there is a bond that is formed between two people, which is true and the two people want to stay bonded together forever. Continue reading

The Essence of Satyanarayana Pooja in a Kamma Wedding

Every important ritual in our Hindu religion has its own share of symbolism entrusted behind it. Take Satyanarayana Pooja for example; being one of the most eminent of all the poojas especially in the Kamma community, it is performed on the onset of important events in our life. And what possibly could be more important than a marriage?
Hence ’Satyanarayana Puja’ has always been the first of all ceremonies performed by the couple in their new home.
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