What should be the relationship resolutions worth keeping for 2019?

This is the time of the new year 2019, everywhere you can look with the ideas and suggestions for new year’s resolutions you can make in this new year. When many of us thinking about to lose weight, save money for the future or live a disciplined life, do you think wouldn’t it also be helpful to take care of what’s the most important part to many of us- that’s our relationship. Here the time to take some relationship resolutions for 2019.

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All you need to Know about the Sacred Kamma Wedding Rituals

Marriage is the pure relation where two people are bonded together forever. Although there are different religions in the country and thus there are different ways to how marriage functions and rituals take place. Depending upon the religion, the wedding rituals are performed and they all vary a lot from each other. Here in this article, we will be seeing the various rituals that take in a Telugu Kamma Wedding.

Kamma Matrimony Wedding Rituals

The Telugu Kamma marriage rituals involve several functions that are similar to Continue reading

How Technology & Social Media are Transforming Marriages into Hi-Tech Weddings

Good Old Days

In the good old days when Apple and Blackberry were just fruits, post cards and envelops were used to communicate and telegrams were the norm for urgent messaging, weddings were an emotional bond, wherein the entire family including the extended family used to get together and work closely sharing laughter and managing their own chores.


The entire neighbourhood would come uninvited and help the family in carrying out the odd works in preparation for the wedding. The entire village would turn up to participate in the marriage.

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Reasons to choose Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony as your preferred marriage bureau of kamma community

Day by day, Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony is becoming the most well known Kamma Marriage Bureau for Kamma Community. With increased users each day, we have grown our customer support as well, we have got an increased response in past days.

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Reasoning the user’s responses, we have personally asked out customer’s what they think about our Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony as there preferred Kamma marriage bureau for search. and here are the top responses liked by our customer’s.

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