Do you know brain is the organ of love, not Heart – How?

Love- it can be defined as the highest form of energy that anyone can feel. It is emitted through every being throughout the universe and it may be the only thing that is holding the entire thing altogether. In case a day comes when all of us stop loving each other suddenly, loving our family, friends, start lives with hatred and greed, then it would be the last day of the existence of the universe.

Kamma Matrimony
Kamma Matrimony

Endless love is something we all are trying for and something we can’t afford the loss of. We can understand the poetry of the heart but over the times of our lives, we tend to discover it more and more.

How to create a balance between professional as well as personal life together?

Managing a professional life is not that much easy and throwing a relationship into the mix makes it much tougher. With this busy life, making the relationship with your life partner could be challenging. Nowadays a lot of people feel like they are always in the “on” mode and that’s why they can’t able to devote enough attention to their personal as well as romantic relationship.

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It usually happens that, people having a stressful day and then carry that stress home with them, which affects their relationships. One person should have high ambition, but it can often put your relationship on the test.

How is the dating culture and custom among different communities in India?

Indian culture is the oldest and strongest culture all over the world. Its culture and custom can be applied in every layer of the life of society and determined them how to behave every time. This theme is applied to the dating culture of Indians. There are certain rules and customs you have to obey while you are dating. All the world may be living in a different norm, but Indian culture is still knitted closely with families and its values. These rules and norms are applied in every phase of life, even in dating. Indians have a very old and conservative type of rule that is still alive today. But the younger generation has made some changes to their dating culture and customs. Here we are describing all about the dating culture in India.

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