Reasons to choose Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony as your preferred marriage bureau of kamma community

Day by day, Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony is becoming the most well known Kamma Marriage Bureau for Kamma Community. With increased users each day, we have grown our customer support as well, we have got an increased response in past days.

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Reasoning the user’s responses, we have personally asked out customer’s what they think about our Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony as there preferred Kamma marriage bureau for search. and here are the top responses liked by our customer’s.

Our Customers Liked :

– Our Genuine profiles database: To maintain this as the high priority, we’ve assigned it to a dedicated team which does background verification before arranging any matchmaking which allows the users from both the end, Kamma Brides or Kamma Grooms to get genuine persons with real data and qualities.

– Our Flexible Plans: We have such flexible plans which easily fix your pocket, and we give our customers more extra profiles to access or view the information of more than what they pay as Membership Fee. The fee we charge is One time, which helps users not to go for offline search.

– Hands-on support in matchmaking: We help both the person’s of Kamma Brides or Kamma Grooms with much support whether in matchmaking or any needs, as we have our team as well belonging to Kamma Community, we can much dedicatedly give our work to the customers in choosing or for any help needed while matchmaking or in the marriage ceremony.

– Fix-up and follow-ups: As with the dedicated team, we manage all about fixing up the times or schedules with the convenience of both the families.

– Eligible profiles: We all come from different professions and lifestyles. For this thing, we have our sorting options which help users to more precisely search for the profiles and as per their own personality, likes & dislikes, Professions, lifestyle’s, etc…

Apart from all these, we have Android application – SUBHAMASTU as well, which comes as handy for the search of profiles.

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Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony is one of the fastest growing Kamma marriage bureau dedicate working for Kamma community.

Find best matches for Kamma Brides or Kamma Grooms at Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony. Here, we provide only genuine profiles which you can choose based on your wished criteria. With background information verified by our team of experts…

Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony

Subhamastu Kamma Matrimony is an online website which is best for providing Kamma Brides & Kamma Grooms genuine profiles. Most of all, it’s services are dedicated only to Kamma community. With hands-on support to the customer’s, it is becoming one of the leading Kamma Marriage Bureau in Hyderabad with its services extended till abroad! Whether your search is for Kamma Brides or Kamma Grooms either for yourself or for any of your close ones includes family, relatives or friends, we have many clear options which you can see while signing up. Visit for more information.

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If you have any doubts, then visit our website wherein you will find more or you can even visit the Blog which has tonnes of information on Kamma Community.

Kammas in Other States

There are couple of ancient proverbs that depict the hardworking nature of Kammas and their proficiency in agriculture. One such proverb ‘Even land fears Kammas” (భూమి కూడా కమ్మవారికి భయపడుతుంది) distinctly conveys how this social class, which is basically dependent on agriculture for generations, put land to effective use for deriving optimum output and doing rare experiments.

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Should Kammas rethink about choosing “Engineering” as career? – Changing Career Dynamics!!

With the Information Technology penetrating couple of decades back gradually making technology inevitable in every part of our lives, the demand for IT engineers presumably increased by leaps and bounds making many to opt for the relevant course. Nevertheless, as the saying in Sanskrit Athi Sarvatra Varjayeth asserts, anything beyond a logical point results in mess and that is what we are seeing today. An extreme dichotomy exists where a class of engineers are being recruited by top Multi-National Corporations at a range of salaries which their parents have never assumed to have earned in their lives, and a sect of engineers are jobless and roaming ready to take any kind of job. Continue reading

Should Kammas rethink about choosing “Engineering” as career? – A Prelude

It is not an exaggeration to say education is inseparable from Kammas. For generations, irrespective of their social and financial strength, majority of families from Kamma community gave extreme importance to their children’s education. And this trend became more aggressive after 70s and 80s. Being a forward caste and a victim of reservation system the circumstances forced to opt for professional courses that have helped either to set up own shops or join some private companies. Specifically after 80s ‘engineering’ emerged as most preferred option for higher education.
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‘Gotras’ – Their origin and Importance!!

Word ‘Gotra’ is a combination of two Sanskrit words ‘Gau’ (Cow) and ‘Trahi’ (Shed). Cows have a great prominence in Hinduism for ages. Thus Gotra should mean ‘A shed that gives shelter to cows’. Our ancestors took utmost care of cows and treated them so sacred, as well in order to protect the best breeds for future lineage, they have always sheltered them in sheds.
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How a ‘Kamma Commander’ became the Prime Minister of Delhi?

Reading the title you may be befuddled and start treating this statement ‘A person from Kamma community becoming the ‘Wazir’ (Prime Minister) of Delhi’, a shaggy dog story. But this is what history says. A person by name Gannammanayaka also known as Yugandhar or NagayyaGanna*, who was a chief commander and trusted lieutenant in Kakatiya regime, after the fall of Kakatiya Empire, was shifted to Delhi and was given a key position.

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