Is There Any Benefit of Community Marriage in 21st Century?

This article is not in favor of any kind of discrimination neither supports supremacy nor inferiority based on caste or anything. Humanity is prior over any other parameters. It is completely bride and groom’s own choice that whom they wanted to marry but still in this 21st century, community marriage has its own benefits & validity.
Also, there are some misconceptions regarding arrange marriage like, It’s always forced, only and only about adjustments, people get to know each other only after marriage but that’s not true in modern concepts arrange marriage, where they get to know each other by spending times and have the freedom to choose their own life partner with acceptance & blessing their parents. Even people who fall in love and prefer love marriage also, like to arrange their journey of marriage with the acceptance and blessings of their parents. The warmth of parental support is a strength for any child no matter how old they are. Every kind of relationship needs some adjustments based on understanding and marital relationships are no different, If the bride and groom think that they can adjust with each other in every aspect with the empathy of their marriage life, it leads to a happy and prosperous married life.

Benefits of community marriage:

It’s absolutely Someone’s choice of getting marriage still there are many valid benefits of doing community marriage.

  • Stability is one of the important aspect of marriage and it grows faster if the two people have same wave length, respect for each other and with a little yet impactful, similar kind of life style which comes from culture, food habits, values and beliefs. So, it plays like a catalisyst and leads to a stable married life if they do marriage from same community.
  • If marriage is done within own community, then this will be easy for the bride & groom to do adjustments. If both are from different far away regions, then because of different approach towards life and family values adjustments become complicated if people are not flexible enough from their mind.
  • Since ancient times, family has always been a God’s grace for the Indian society. So, in this 21st century marriage still with parents’ approval is very important because when a couple planning for a child the grandparents play a vital role, in the modern era where most of the husband & wifes both are working. For growing up a child under a suitable environment is very essential for their mental growth and nature build up. Children take more lessons from their surroundings than any theoretical lessons. Grand parents can teach them some morality of life which any formal school might not be able to teach. Also, with their grand-parents they can share everything and spend much more time with them which they cannot do if they grew up in a nuclear family so community marriage is beneficial for building nature of the next generation child.
  • Community marriage has also another benefit as because it helps to keep alive the ancient community and its societies. It also promotes the welfare of the community through preseving the cultural values.
    So, community marriage is easier and peaceful in this aspect.
  • There will no conflict with cultural rituals and other issues after marriage so many Indians prefer to do marriage within their community.
  • Sometimes parents’ does’ not give approval for inter caste marriage so in that case bride and groom live separately after marriage. It is another benefit for community marriage that it does not detach bride and groom from their existing relationship. But it varies between people to people and context.
  • Different caste will lead to different rituals, festival, culture, tradition etc. which might cause friction in future. It is not necessary that community marriage won’t have any friction but there is a little high chance of friction in case of Inter caste marriage. So, many people don’t prefer to take the risk when there is another option to avoid the friction in future. So, community marriage is somewhat beneficial.

In this 21st century besides all these benefits, still we have to say that there is one Identity that is above all is Humanity. If the bride and groom are happy together it’s the best ever can happen and no parents want their child to have an unhappy married life.

Community marriage in Kamma society:

In Kamma community, most of the people often look for partners from the same community on a matrimony platform, for them marriage is a majestic process which intends to uphold and preserve the association and relationship between the partners based on love, respect and care. Also in general bonding between two families will be easy if they are from same community because of familiar culture. In this 21st century community marriage has some valid benefit in different prospect.

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