Significance of Exact Determination of Auspicious Muhurtas in Hindu Kamma Marriage

We know fixing of muhurtas for marriages and saying that marriages should be done in the muhurta is good for kamma brides and bridegroom.

Despite about muhurta is not known, all are thinking that the time which is fixed by pandit (priests) is muhurta, inspite some  say truth that this month Muhurtas are not available, in some incidents people requested them to search Muhurta by paying money. In some incidents some people frightened the priests for fixing Muhurta in accordance with his favorable time.In some incidents some  fix four Muhurtas in a day and attend the marriage by taking remuneration.

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Significance of the Vivah- Homam (Sacred Fire) in Hindu Marriages

Vivah homam: All solemn rites and ceremonies commence with the performance of Homam (sacred fire ceremony) among the elites of Vedic Hindu Marriage.

Hindu marriage is the momentous occasion where a Homam becomes all important, which is unique and not found in any other religion. The presence of Agni (fire) as a witness to the marriage is incomparable, as Agni reflects the purity essential to any relationship, especially one like marriage. As the fire crackles on the auspicious morning or night of the wedding, it reinforces the real meaning of a marriage, the need for its sanctity and its longevity in kamma brides and groom.

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Legendary Entrepreneur who made Andhra (Kamma) people proud Worldwide- Ramoji Rao

Cherukuri Ramoji Rao, better known as Ramoji Rao is an Indian business tycoon and media entrepreneur. He is head of the Ramoji Group which owns, among other things, the world’s largest film production facility, Ramoji Film City.

Rao was born on 16 November 1936 in Gudivada, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, into an agricultural family. Some of the companies owned by the Ramoji group include Margadarsi Chit Fund, Eenadu newspaper, ETV, Priya Foods, Ushakiran Movies and as mentioned above, the Ramoji Film City near Hyderabad. He is also the chairman of Dolphin group of hotels in AndhraPradesh.

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Renowned Creative Person from Andhra (Kamma) who lined Telugu & Bollywood- Dr. D Ramanaidu

Dr. D Ramanaidu is a multilingual Indian film producer who has been listed in Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific producer with 130 films.

For his contributions to Indian cinema he has been awarded with Dadasaheb Phalke Award in the year 2009. He has also received Padma Bhushan in 2013. He has also received honorary doctorate from Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati.

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Silver Screen Stars who ruled Tollywood in Kamma’s –ANR (Akkineni Nageswara Rao)

Akkineni Nageswara Rao in short ANR knowing about him is like reading the encyclopedia of Telugu Cinema.

There is only one era for Telugu cinema as for as the Telugu Cinema is concerned. That is called Akkineni era. He gave new dimensions to the dances with his variety steps and at one time, people used throng to theaters to see his magical steps in his musical blockbusters, which made him one of the sought after image in Kamma community.

Childhood and Education

Akkineni was born in a poor farmer’s family on the 20th of September 1924 at Ramapuram. He has stated on record in several interviews that his education was limited to primary schooling due to the poor economic conditions of his parents. Nageswara Rao took to acting at a very early age. He started acting in street plays at the age of 9 and acted in several plays.

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Spiritual & Scientific Connotation of Marriage for Hindus

Marriages are made in heaven and we make it happen on earth.

In India Hindu Marriage is a social union between two people which not only bonds them for life but also their respective families. Finding that perfect soul mate for life is a risk worth taking. One always tries and wishes to find a partner who is compatible, understanding, and honest and has respect for his or her spouse. Earlier the trend of love marriages had picked up pace but the recent surveys showed that it has taken a sudden dip.

Hindu kamma matrimony sites are fast emerging as a solution for the unmarried people helping them in spotting the right partner for them. These not only offer you a myriad of choices but also give you an option to find that one special person. Marriage in India is always a huge family affair. Indian marriages are known for their opulence.

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Scientific & Spiritual Significance of Pandiri (Porch) in Hindu Kamma Wedding

In Hindu kamma, Marriage is the most beautiful and the sacred bind tied by the bride and groom under Pandiri(Porch) to stay together for their entire life.

In Hindu custom Marriage is done in the Pandiri which is supported by five posts due to Jeeva has to practice these manners when he in the body consists of five bhutas (five elements). Some persons may ask us where those five posts of Pandiri instead of four posts of Pandiri are. Panchabhutas are Akasa(sky), Air, Agni(fire), water and Earth. Among these Agni,Water and Earth are visible,but Air is known through touch. Akasa  specially exists without knowing. Owing to this four posts were set up and Pandiri was constructed on these  posts.But central portion of Pandiri was like pyramidal to wershaped and its cone exits upwards. Then the ends of four posts are touching the ground and fifth cone of pyramidal to weris upwards .

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NTR – A Legendary Visionary who made Andhra people Proud Globally – Part –III

Career in Politics:

In the year 1980’s N.T.Rama Rao decided to retired from film Industry to take up politics actively for serving society. He set up the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) with eminent team of kamma visionaries in the year 1982, following which NTR was elected the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh three times between the years 1983 to 1994. In between, NTR became the leader of the Telugu Dasam Legislature Party in 1983.

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NTR – A Legendary Visionary who made Andhra people Proud Globally – Part -II

Career in Films

The year 1947 marked N. T. Rama Rao’s entry into the world of Telugu cinema. It was B. A. Subba Rao, a very well known producer of films made in South India, who first noticed the legend in the making N.T.R, Mr. Rao was so taken by the shoot of N.T.R that he did not think twice before signing him as the hero for his upcoming film ‘Palleturi Pilla’. NTR did not have to go through the routine of a screen test and make up test for his debut performance on the big screen. Though he was signed for B A Subba Rao’s film first, NTR’s first onscreen venture was a tiny part of a policeman in the 1949 L.V Prasad film ‘Mana Desam’. ‘Palleturi Pilla’, a film inspired from the English play ‘Pizaro’ went on to become a huge commercial hit in theaters across South India and won this talented actor much recognition.

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NTR – A Legendary Visionary who made Andhra People Proud Globally – Part -I

Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao, more popular in India known as NTR, was one of the most popular legendary actor turned politician that has ever graced the South Indian film industry and politics. NTR had been a part of mostly Telugu films, but he has also starred in some popular Tamil and Kannada movies too.

N T R portrayed lead roles and negative characters with equal elegance and later shifted his attention to producing and directing films for the Telugu film industry in AP. While his stint in Tollywood made him a legend in Andhra Pradesh, NTR remained equally popular among the masses even after he retired from films and became a politician.

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